Adventure Pools

The property
Adventure Pools & is a full service cleaning, maintenance and repair service for pools and spas. Included in their full service is a combination pole brushing, sweeping, scrubbing, vacuuming, netting, baskets cleaning, removal of debris & basic chemical check & balance as well as a full filter cleaning annually. Currently Adventure Pools has 42 pools on their route. Please call broker for more details on this exciting opportunity!

This information, while not guaranteed, has been obtained from sources deemed reliable. Buyer must verify the information and bear all risks for any inaccuracies. DRE #01366091 000102622

Use: Pool Route
Size: NA
Rent: NA
Lease: NA
Gross Sales: $56,305
Owners Profit: $22,403
Employees: Owner Operated
Years in Business: 2
Hours of Operation: NA
Reason For Sale: Moving


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