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General Information: ILM, tag line Art, Culture, Ideology, is a coffee table quality collectible, and in high demand by Inn’s and Air B&B’s. This publication is viewed as one of Idyllwild’s most valued tourism assets. It’s the only magazine in Idyllwild. Local distribution is 1000/month.

Idyllwild is an arts town, populated by career writers, outstanding musicians and artists from all genre who together offer a tapestry of considerable and fascinating content both as writers or subjects. The Idyllwild Arts Academy’s, one of the nation’s pre-eminent boarding arts high-schools acts as a continuous artistic resource for stories and events.

The 1st issue, distributed in April 2019, gave Idyllwild a much-needed economic boost following two natural disasters which severely impacted the town’s economic health.. The first two issues were widely distributed regionally into our demographic. The third issue is following the traditional DT model and available primarily in Idyllwild.

ILM is an excellent business opportunity due to its exceptional production value, outstanding copy [absent of trivia] with beautiful design attributes. The operation is TURNKEY – and the managing editor is available to consult regarding articles for upcoming issues. Graphic designer Dan Milner is available to stay on, and is the recipient of 350 international, national and regional design awards.

Market: Destination Tourism Magazine for Idyllwild California [Alpine village located at 5500’ elevation in the San Jacinto Mountains above Palm Springs, a two-hour drive from beach towns, San Diego to LA]

Frequency: Bi-Annual [traditionally publishes the Spring/Summer issue in April, Fall/Winter issue in October]

Size: 8 ½ x 11 matte 56-68 pages

Gross Sales 2019: $60,682. 2020: $31,961. [3rd issue, distributed August 2020 due to Covid-19 tourism restrictions]

Owners Profile: Partners Les Gin, former banking executive and founding president of the Asian Bank of Arizona and Holly Parsons, IT executive, writer, journalist, editor and former writer/reporter for the Idyllwild Town Crier. After the closure of Idyllwild Living Magazine in November 2018, Parsons/Gin founded ILM.

Independent Contributors: Managing Editor – 1, Content Editor - 1, Features writer - 1, Poetry Editor -1, Writers – 10+, Photographers – 6+, Graphic Designer – 1, Editorial Board – 5, Admin. Manager - 1, Proofreaders - 1+, Accounting - 1, Distribution, AHKTO Palm Springs and Beach towns [1st & 2nd issues].

Media Kit: Yes, hardcopy and e/copy available on the website. 3 Issues: Available Years in Business: 18 months

Reason for Sale: Health


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April 2, 2021