$60,000 Seller will Finance
The property
Be your own boss and start selling the “Multipurpose Adjustable Home Protection Security Bar”. This product is designed and manufactured in America and is one of the best security bars on the market today. Great and easy to use works on sliding doors, general doors, childproofing your house and can also be used as a cloths rack in your car. My Security Bar has a unique locking hinge that makes installing and removing The Security Bar’s a breeze. This is a turn-key opportunity! Please call the broker to get more details on this exciting product.

This information, while not guaranteed, has been obtained from sources deemed reliable. Buyer must verify the information and bear all risks for any inaccuracies. DRE #01366091 00092222

Use: Multipurpose Home Protection Bar
Size: Home Office
Rent: NA
Lease: M-M
Gross Sales: NA
Owners Profit: NA
Employees: Owner Operated
Years in Business: 2
Hours of Operation: NA
Reason For Sale: Other Business Interest


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