WORLD FAMOUS “Hicksville Trailer Palace”

The property
Description: Located in beautiful Joshua Tree California, “Hicksville Trailer Palace” is a trailer park motel with an unique blend of trailers to fit every personality. There is the Western-themed “The Pioneer” a log cabin trailer with cowboy print curtains, the hot-pink “The Fifi” designed by owners of a New Orleans wig store. The newest addition a circus styled wagon named “The Pee Wee”. The property has the feel of a resort upon entering the gates you are a washed with color leaving the brown landscape of the Mojave Desert behind you. Guest love to meet and mingle on the artificial lawn and enjoy the many outdoor activities mini golf, archery, ping pong and the solar heated pool. For pure relaxation nothing compares to the rooftop hot tub offering magnificent views of the desert sky. This is truly a one of kind property! Please call broker for more details and to arrange a showing.

This information, while not guaranteed, has been obtained from sources deemed reliable. Buyer must verify the information and bear all risks for any inaccuracies. DRE #01366091 122219

Use: Trailer Park Motel & Artist Retreat
Size: 6.7 Acres
Trailer Accommodations: 8 Rental Trailers, 1 Bar/Lounge Trailer, 1 Laundry Trailer & 1 Rental Cabin
Lease: NA
Gross Sales: $370,000
Owners Profit: $180,000
Employees: 3 PT
Years in Business: 10
Hours of Operation: NA
Reason For Sale: Health


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