Spring Into A New Adventure

Venturing Into Running Your Own Business

For many, Spring cleaning is a ritual not to be denied; there is a certain satisfaction in dusting off the cob webs, pulling out the garden tools and putting away the dark and heavy décor in favor of the light and bright. It signals a rebirth. But what about dusting off your own dreams and taking a good look at them in the light of a sunny new day?

If you’ve ever thought the life of entrepreneur, proprietor, and boss would be a nice goal– why not dust that dream off and shine some light on the notion?

Whether this is a whole new path, or one you’ve travelled before and are itching to get back to, the Hughes Properties web site offers a number of new and very exciting listings. A wide variety of listings await the right buyer.

As you embark on this path of discovery, bear in mind that just as if you were buying a house, finding the top home realtor would be prudent-buying a business should be handled by a business broker. These are completely different fields of expertise, forms and regulations. Hughes Properties sells businesses, and more often than not, also serves the buyer. This experienced focus, along with a specialized business-focused escrow service, ensures a smooth transition from one party to the other.

From liquor licenses to E2 VISAS, leases and even an action list of to-do’s to help guide you, Hughes Properties is here to help you spring into a bright new future.

By: Bob Hughes

Author Profile:
Robert Hughes is a commercial broker and president of Hughes Properties, Inc. in Palm Springs. An MBA from USC, Hughes has a wide variety of entrepreneurial experience with the personal ownership and sale of over sixteen businesses, including founder and publisher of Orange Coast Magazine. Additional business tips can be found at www.hughesproperties.com.

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